About the Guild

We are a cozy LGBTQ+ friendly social guild on PC-EU looking for chill players to join our community.

This guild is aimed to be an inclusive community so we can actually get to know each other - we especially strive to make each member feel fully comfortable about just being themselves.

Our ESO guild consists of 2 guilds with 700 members between them, and growing.


We are welcoming to all types of players, from complete beginner to veteran.

There will never be any imposed fees or required time played, and taking breaks from the game is also allowed. For us, it is the social aspect of MMO's that matters most, and your worth will never be decided by your performance in the game.

We have multiple experienced veteran players who will happily help you out with any questions you might have have about the game.

Trials & Events

We do weekly normal trial runs where everyone is allowed to join regardless of experience as a way to help newer players get used to larger group content.

Additionally, our guild hosts regular veteran trial training runs as an introduction to harder content, as well as the option to eventually progress into the guild's own prog team.

If trials aren't your thing, there are also regular overland events such as skyshard runs and world boss killing sprees for you to participate in!

We also gladly help you out with any other pve group content or even pvp depending on your alliance (the guild is on Ebonheart Pact).

Trader & Guild Halls

We also have a guild trader each week to sell your wares on, and fully equipped guild halls where you can craft to your heart's content.

If you'd like to join, join our discord server linked below or send me a message in game, to @Eris221