Here you can find the answers to several questions we get asked a lot by guildies

Is there a central marketplace in ESO?

No, ESO does not have a central marketplace, instead it has guild traders. In each city you can find several of these trader NPCs, each representing a guild. Members of this guild can sell their wares on this trader, but you do not have to be a member to buy them. Guilds have to bid on these traders each week in order to 'hire' them.

To sell items, you have to join a trading guild with an active trader. Then you can list your items on this trader through any banker NPC.

What are trials?

Trials are a group activity for groups of 12 players. They are instances much like 4 player dungeons, with bosses and mechanics.

In other games they are what are known as 'raids'.

Is [insert class] a good [insert role]?

The short answer is any class can do any role well in 99% of cases. Of course some are better than others, but the only time you have to worry about this is if you are planning to do super endgame stuff like scorepushing or difficult hardmodes.

This is also that's constantly shifting with the meta as zos does balance patches.

Most importantly, it's a video game and if you are enjoying a certain class you will naturally be better at it than a class you don't enjoy that might be 'meta'.

Is [insert race] a good [insert role]?

Same as with last question, this only matters if you are interested in minmaxing and any race you like can do perfectly fine in all content except scorepushing. However, this one is a bit easier to explain as it's less situational than class picks, so I will go over some of the best races in the game here if you want to make the most out of your character:

Magicka dps: dark elf, high elf, khajiit

Stamina dps: dark elf, orc, khajiit

Tank: Nord (by far)

Healer: Breton

What are the rules for the guild bank?

You can take whatever you need, from rank Rising Sun and up. Putting something small back is always appreciated, just don't deposit trash items that will clog the bank such as random companion items worth 100 gold or crafting materials.