Recommended Addons

This is a non-exhaustive list of addons that make playing the game more enjoyable, add important quality of life or are necessary if you want to get better at the game. 

I don't recommend installing all of these at once because it can be overwhelming with the amount of settings you will have to do, pick some that look nice, install them, play around with them and after that you can come back here to find more! 

Table of Contents

How to install addons

Category 1: Essential

Action duration reminder

This was recently added as a main feature into the game but I still prefer to use this one.
Tracks the duration of your abilities so you can know when to recast them, this can greatly improve your dps!

Awesome Guild Store

Makes navigating guild traders’ items MUCH easier.

Code’s Combat Alerts

Tells you when an attack is being channeled against you, so you can pull off those perfect dodges. It’s not a cheat I swear.

Daily Alchemy, Daily Provisioning, Dolgubons Lazy Writ Crafter

These 3 addons together allow you to do all your daily crafting writs extremely quickly

Map Pins

Adds a LOT of things to the map, such as achievement based ones, for example for the ‘I like Maiq’ achievement. Also adds skyshards and lorebooks etc. so if you were to only have 1 map addon this would be the one.

Tamriel Trade Center

This addon will tell you the gold value of an item when hovering over it, so you can avoid accidentally getting rid of valuable items, or getting scammed on guild traders. This one can be a bit trickier to install though because if you also want to upload the items you come across it requires a separate client to sync prices with their database. You can also do a price check through their website ( but it’s much more convenient to have it in game.

Master Merchant

Great resource for trading and a must-have when trying to make good cash by selling and flipping items on the market.

Votan’s minimap

Adds a minimap to the screen, making navigation much easier. Other map addons work together with this one so you will also see lorebooks etc. on the minimap if you have an addon installed for that.


Easy teleporting around Tamriel through friends and guildmates, can save you a lot of gold


Catches UI errors when they happen, so you can have a look at them later rather than them showing up in your face randomly when fighting a boss.

Category 2: Nice to haves

Lykeion's Much Smarter AutoLoot

Essential if you don't have ESO+ or don't want to spend all the time selling garbage to merchants that you didn't want to pick up in the first place. Allows you to set custom filters for items to loot or not.


You can set this up to block all the pesky WTS and guild ads, making for a very clean zone chat.

Addon selector

This addon allows you to set up ‘packs’ of addons, for example if you want to run only the minimal addons for pvp or raids. It also allows you to quickly disable and enable addons.


Automatically binds items when you don’t have them unlocked in stickerbook so you immediately get the new item collected popup to see you got something nice. Do turn it off when you want to share items with the group though, it’s a bit of a selfish addon.

Auto Recharge (and repair)

Never worry about charging your weapon enchants again, this addon does it for you. Also can be set up to auto repair your gear if you have repair kits in your inventory.

Auto Research

Automatically researches missing traits when you interact with a crafting station, based on priority you can set up in the settings.


Great addon for crafters. It tells you which traits you haven’t researched, and also which characters to train mount on. Wayshrines to set crafting stations in an easy to access menu. A nice list of recipes, motifs and furniture patterns your character knows.

Lorebooks, Skyshards

2 map location addons, you don’t really need these if you use Map Pins.

Dungeon Champions

Shows the location of bosses inside delves and public dungeons on the map. Also included in Map Pins

Lost treasure

Shows treasure chests and crafting survey locations on the map. Also included in Map Pins

Postmaster Mail

Instantly retrieves mail attachments for you


Automatically opens all sorts of containers such as transmutation geodes, rewards for the worthy, daily quest reward boxes and many more, combines very nicely with postmaster.

Quest Map

Shows the location of unfinished/unstarted quests on the map, which makes it a lot easier to do zone completion.

Urich’s skill point finder

When typing /uspf in chat you get a window that tells you exactly where you are missing skill points or skyshards. Also useful to see which dungeons you have completed on that character

Votan’s keybinder

When playing multiple characters this will sync your keybind controls settings between them.


This addon automatically consumes your buff food for you so you will never have it run out again!


Adds all crafting nodes to your map and also places a giant arrow over the node itself when out in the world. Just make sure to check your settings so it doesn’t flood your map with icons, you can for example have the icons only show on your minimap instead of the main map.

Shut Yer Trap

Shuts up Stuga and other annoying npcs.


Hides house previews from the world map making for a much more clean and readable map

Votan’s fish filet

Filets a whole stack automatically instead of having to click every fish separately

Auto Category - Revised

Sorts items in inventory by category

Jack of All Trades

This addon automatically switches cp nodes in the green tree based on the activity you are doing. For example if you are harvesting a plant it will switch to master gatherer.

Display Leads

Keeps track of where all antiquity leads are located, and you are able to filter by pieces you have never dug up or that are about to expire.

Loot Log

Keeps track of the items you and the people in your group have looted. Also has a nice function that lets you easily link surplus set items so others can ask for them.

Lazy Deconstructor

Automatically adds trash items to deconstruct based on your settings. This especially saves you a lot of time when using the deconstructor NPC in the middle of dungeon/trial runs


Allows you to customize the chat window with a ton of options.

Release Tracker

Gives you a little notification when a style that's farmable in game has been released, such as monster helm styles and new overland/dungeon motifs.

Category 3: Essential endgame and trial addons

Combat Metrics

Essential addon for tracking and improving your dps. To see the full report type /cmx in chat.

Hodor Reflexes - DPS & Ultimate share

Especially important for supports when sharing and managing ultimate cooldowns to get good uptimes on warhorn etc. Dps sharing is also a nice feature but can be turned off.


This displays almost all incoming attacks that are cast on you. It also displays a curated list of casts on other players or the enemy itself that may affect you, as well as very large prominent alerts for especially dangerous or important casts.


Tells you when important mechanics are happening.

Wizard's Wardrobe

This essentially does what the armory does, but only skills and gear. Allows you to switch loadouts with the press of a single button, wherever you are. (just not in combat). Also allows you to make setups for certain encounters that it automatically switches to, like an AoE setup for adds. Huge quality of life if you have multiple setups you don't want to manually switch between.

Caro's Worn Sets

Adds a little UI on the screen that shows the sets you are currently wearing. This is recommended for use with Wizard's Wardrobe so you can easily see if something failed to swap correctly.

OdySupportIcons - Group Role Icons & More

An addon to add role/custom/unique icons to your group members. Note that this addon is a dependency of other addons such Qcell's raid helpers and Elm's markers, and also has integrations with Hodor's Reflexes.

Elm's Markers

Allows you to add custom 3D markers and share them with your group. This can be used to mark positions for bossfights, where to pull trash etc.

This addon shows a timer counting down to when certain trial bosses become targetable.

Alternative Boss Bar

Changes the boss healthbar to show multiple bars if there are multiple bosses, and shows indicators on the bar of when mechanics are happening.

Alternative Group Frames

A much cleaner version of the group UI, shows roles (tank/healer/dps each in a different color), classes and max hp all in the same place. Also shows when people are being resurrected or have a resurrect pending. Can be set up to track important buffs such as major slayer and minor berserk.


Shows a frame that shows your current time on clearing a veteran trial. Also comes with several other useful trial utilities such as hiding group members.

Asylum Tracker

As the name says, makes your life in the Asylum Sanctorium trial much easier.

Qcell’s Rockgrove helper

Extremely helpful for staying alive in the rockgrove trial.

Qcell’s Dreadsail Reef helper

Same as above but for Dreadsail Reef

Asylum Sanctorium Status Panel

This addon provides a status panel with useful information for Asylum Sanctorium, mostly for Olms +1 and +2 engagements. It includes enrage timers for both the mini bosses. 

Blackrose Prison Helper

Notifications for Blackrose Prison to make your life there easier.


An addon for mechanic alerts in Sunspire. 


Download here

(not on Minion/ESOUI)

Mechanics addon for Cloudrest


Download here

(not on Minion/ESOUI)

Mechanics addon for Kyne's Aegis

Category 4: Situational addons

Autoinvite - Updated

For group leaders, it will automatically send a group invite to players that type a certain keyword in chat.

Crown Crate Tracker

As the name says, track your drops when opening the gambling crates. The results also get uploaded to a site where you can see the true droprate of certain mounts etc. This feature is no longer active but you can still track your own drops

Crux Counter

Addon that tracks Arcanist Crux in a nice way on the screen, along with audio queues.

ExoYs ProcSet timer

When using proc sets like the harpooners wading kilt, siroria or bahsei, it will show you how many stacks you have, or the cooldown of a set’s proc.

Simple Castbar

Shows a bar on your screen to help you with light attack weaving timing. This one is for when you want to get especially sweaty with your parsing.

Lovely Emotes

Allows you to sync up emotes with others that have the addon installed for great fun :)

(no it does not sync the instruments :’(  )


Tracks guild store purchases, helps with flipping.


Shows how much chance you have at getting an uncollected piece from an undaunted box so you can make good decisions on what to buy with your keys when you are going for collection.

Pithka’s achievement tracker

Shows all your dungeon trifectas and vet trial achievements in one window.

Gear Overview

Like Pithka but shows the gear you have collected that's required for healing or tanking all in one screen.


Essential for tanks, gives you a visual taunt duration bar. Makes it a lot easier to keep aggro.


Automatically does master writs for you, and shows which ones you can actually complete when hovering over them.

Screenshot Helper

Lets you move around the camera with the arrow keys when your UI is hidden


Makes the base UI look a lot cleaner and sleeker

LFG Auto accept

Automatically accepts dungeon queues

Mark Pledges

Marks the pledges you have accepted in the dungeon finder UI.

Purge Tracker

Shows a group UI where members who are marked in red have a purgeable effect on them. Used by healers in trials with purgeable effects such as vHoF.


Shows your entire build in one screen, making it easier to share as a screenshot.

Category 5: PvP focused addons


Replaces your quest tracker on the right with a hud that shows which keeps and resources are under attack, making it much easier to get into the action while in Cyrodiil.

Greyskull: weapon / spell damage meter

Shows you your current spell or weapon damage, you can assign different colors to certain thresholds.

Kill Counter

Shows your KDA and gives you a nice sound effect when going on killing sprees. Also has a stat screen that shows what class you die the most to for example.


Shows how squishy a player is on your reticle, to easily spot easy to kill targets.


Helps you figure out where the keep’s main gates are

Miat’s pvp alerts

No longer gives alerts but it still has several nice pvp features such as hovering icons above keeps. Not the easiest to set up because the UI needs some moving around before it’s usable.

Category 6: Honorable mentions

These are addons I don’t personally use and have no experience with but are quite popular in the community

Inventory Insight

Helps to keep track of which alt has that one item you’re looking for.

Essential Housing tools

A very very big addon, helps with all sorts of housing features


Turns your inventory into a grid with just icons, providing a better overview of your inventory. Also works together with Auto Category.