Parse & Trial DPS Builds

Here you can find links to high end dps builds for each class, along with trash setups. If it's a YouTube video you will always find images with the build linked in the description. You will also find tips for the rotation and changes you need to make to make the build work in content, as well as a trash setup.

Updated 03/20/2023, U41

The most wanted trial dps classes are currently:

stamina Arcanist > stamina templar, stamina sorcerer, magDK

zenDK (z'en's redress), MK (martial knowledge) sorcerer, EC (elemental catalyst) necromancer

Nightblade and Warden are in a pretty rough spot for trial content, they can still work but you will have to put in more effort to do as well as the other classes.

If you are looking to run a build that uses Harpooner's Wading Kilt in content, always check if it can actually be used for that fight here.


You can run a monster set like Zaan along with Kilt for bosses, but it drastically lowers the ease of use for the build. You would also have to single bar both support sets resulting in lower uptimes if the player isn't 100% on top of their bar swapping when picking up synergies or when Z'en runs out. Maelstrom staff + velothi is much more flexible and works for almost all encounters.